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    Lazar Finker is a businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Forum Capital Group. A leader in both community and business, Lazar emigrated from Russia in 1991, where he had previously established the country's first community college. Still passionate about academia in the United States, he taught at Florida Community College as a visiting professor.


    Later, Lazar Finker, along with his wife, Raissa Frenkel, decided to use their collective expertise to move into the energy sector. They made a name for themselves by establishing a large trade network in the Soviet Union, something that most western energy companies had previously been unable to do. After this venture, Lazar and Raissa decided to refocus on domestic investments.


    Lazar Finker and Raissa Frenkel now own and operate Forum Capital Group, a private equity firm specializing in real estate and seafood. They have also dedicated themselves to a number of philanthropic pursuits, such as education, medical research, and children's welfare through the Finker-Frenkel Legacy Foundation. The Foundation was created with the intention of bringing like-minded entrepreneurs together to contribute to similar causes, including religious development, child welfare, and medical research. The couple resides in Jacksonville, Florida, though they are often traveling.

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    Lazar Finker's professional portfolio, covering professional lifestyle and career development. Lazar's extensive business experience has contributed much to his knowledge on finance, recruitment, and professional leadership.

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    Lazar Finker has worked towards pursuing the ideals of giving back through philanthropy. Through the Finker-Frenkel Legacy Foundation, Lazar, Raissa, and the rest of their family works to improve the fields of education, religious development, medical research, and children's welfare. The Foundation is dedicated to not only giving back, but passing the values of philanthropy to others.

    Hobbies and Interests

    When not working, Lazar Finker is an accomplished musician, playing under the name Lonya. Though he plays many instruments, he is a particularly gifted violinist. Lazar is also dedicated to the Jewish community, both locally and internationally.

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    Whether it’s for medical expenses or to produce an aspiring artist’s new album, the impact of crowdfunding cannot be ignored. The “traditional” avenues of philanthropy—soliciting donations and support through a nonprofit—seem far less effective when individuals can easily set up a page on a site...
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    Modern education has begun to catch up with other industries in terms of recognizing and dealing with glaring flaws that have persisted for years or decades. In fact, some issues in schooling, such as the massive deficits in funding for poorer schools. These financial issues can create...
    March 13, 2018 · Education,Lazar Finker,Schools,Leadership,Administration
    There are certain stereotypes related to school assessment that have held true in all forms of media—the standardized test, the lengthy essay, and the dreaded pop quiz, to name a few. As it turns out, these types of tests exist in the public consciousness for a reason. Increased emphasis on...
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